Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Smooth Viking Beard Balm

This post has been crazy delayed because, well, I don't have a beard and had to get the feedback from my other half. My boyfriend really liked the products, specifically he likes the conditioner and balm the best. He has/had a crazy, full, curly, thick beard and it was getting intense and out of hand. It also had split ends and just looked nuts because, like a girl messes with her hair when she is anxious, he messed with his beard constantly when he was anxious. And I saw had a beard, because he shaved it off two days ago! 

The company is called Smooth Viking (seriously, I love that name) and these were found on Amazon here. Each product is around $16 and contains all kinds of great things for skin, argan oil, almond oil, shea butter. Ingredients you can pronounce and actually know what they are. I use varying forms of these on a daily basis!

He said that the balm was great for when he wanted it to be a little more "flat" and not as poofy. With the weather being so muggy here lately, it was sticking straight out and this helped alleviate that. It tamed it like an anti-frizz girls hair product. 

The conditioner was an improvement for both of us because he kept using my curly hair conditioner on his beard which made me a little (lot) crazy.

The only one he wasn't crazy about was the oil, but I think that has more to do with his hair type than the actual product. He actually liked it but it took a long time to get it back out for him. His hair tends to get greasy fast and I think the combination just didn't work well with his hair. 

They all smelled like, well, men's products so that's a good thing. If something smells slightly feminine, he's done and he said he liked the masculine, but not overpowering smell of these products. 

Vegetarian Challenge

Rebekah Borucki, or more commonly known as BexLife on her site and YouTube channel, and Danielle Diamond of Xen Strength decided to put together a Vegetarian challenge and I, for some reason, decided to try it.

I had started noticing that a lot of foods were triggering my weird pain condition, but I wasn't always sure which ones. My boyfriend was a bit more observant and realized gluten was a big trigger to me just generally feeling like crap. I cut that mostly out but still had it a bit but it was almost always consumed with meat as well.

So onto this challenge. There is a bit more to it than just eating a vegetarian diet. Actually, not even everyone in the challenge, myself included, has strictly eaten vegetarian. I have mostly been consuming a vegetarian diet, but often have had meat (fish mostly) once a day due to limited options and not feeling like cooking separate meals. The last couple of weeks however, I have stuck to it more diligently and can absolutely tell a difference in how I feel, my pain, headaches, stomach issues, and even my skin.

I'm still eating yummy, super filling foods that taste great. It's taken some time to navigate it all, and I'm tearing up cookbooks and websites finding yummy recipes. But I've also taken a bigger notice of where my food is coming from and the impacts on the world. It makes me happy.