Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shirt deal!

Fit Like Flint cycles some awesome shirts on her site, and tonight at 8 Central, she is launching another one that has a pretty important, albeit humorous message.

The scale is stupid! It can be an indicator of health, yes, but it is definitely not the end all, be all, of your health and we give it way too much importance. 

If you use my code, FLFCHRISTIE10, you get an extra 10% off.

She has done some awesome shirts before, like the ones below that I already own and love!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At Home Workout

I don't belong to a gym. I have in the past, just have trouble making it seem worthwhile some days. I might join eventually, but my apartment complex actually has a decent workout room with 3 treadmills, two ellipticals, a stationary bike, and a spin bike plus a full set of free weights,  cable machine, squat rack (well Smith Machine but if you're solo squatting it might be okay), and a couple of leg machines. The same things I would use in a commercial gym, so I don't see the point at the moment.

In addition, at home I have an exercise ball, a workout mat, two yoga mats, 4 adjustable weight dumbbells, and a barbell. I have no excuse, but I keep finding myself making them! So today, I did a workout at home and I'm going to share it. This was just an upper body workout and it felt great!

Shoulder Press 3x10
Bicep 7's/Hammer Curl/Bicep Curl (I switched through the 3 rounds)
Tricep Extension
Rear Delt Raise 3x10
Upright Row 3x10
Arnold Press 3x10
Tricep kickback 3x10
Deadlift 3x10

I used the dumbbells for these and only had 15 pounds on them, as well as a set with 10 pounds for towards the end when I started losing form.

This is a picture I took a while back, but same weight is on them right now.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Etsy health motivation

If you've ever looked at this blog you will know that I LOVE quotes. So, I went through Etsy finding good quotes that fit in with a healthy lifestyle.

I do not run. Don't get me wrong, I think runners are amazing, and I've tried to run, just doesn't always work for me. Get me on a trail though, and I'm perfectly happy, and willing, to run! However this quote is great:

Marathon sign

I'm tempted to buy these, or buy something similar from this shop. 

Awesome statement postcard. Sells for $8 for a pack of 12. Would be great to send to friends going through a plateau, or for any reason. 

Slow runners unite! $20 on etsy and if you feel slow, might get you a few giggles during the race.

Make It Happen vinyl cling is a good one. I don't know that I would put it over my bed.

Run Lift Stretch is great! It screams "hey, be well balanced with working out!" Good reminder to myself...