Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daily Burn-yoga

I haven't used this site much, but I received an email about it and was curious. They have a Yoga session with Briohny Smyth also featuring her husband Dice Iiad-Klein in the first one. It looks like just over a weeks worth as well as a few other specific types of classes, such as handstands and inversions. If her name isn't familiar, she was the woman featured in the controversial Equinox videos (in her underwear) that went viral.
With that link you receive a free 30-day free trial and after that, it's $10 a month (Disclosure: I also receive a $10  bonus upon completion of the free trial). I'm going to follow the plan for a couple of weeks and will blog about how I feel and such throughout. I'm not very in depth with Yoga yet, but these sounded doable and something to look into.

Daily Burn also offers several other programs and trainers, such as a body weight program, a dance oriented one, and kettle bells. This is my first time trying these classes, so I'm not biased! I'm going to try them out, however, and see how they are and if I like it.

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