Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New puppy!

On top of moving to a new city, starting a new job, and overall craziness, we decided to adopt a puppy! We adopted her from Austin Pets Alive, an amazing no kill animal shelter here in Austin. She's a shelter puppy, so she's having some adjustment issues but we all are. I've never had an indoor dog, she's kind of ornery but super sweet!

She also, clearly, poses for pictures and acts crazy. She's about 10 months old and is an Australian Cattle Dog, blue heeler mix. We named her Dottie! She's happy and active, so we've all been getting more exercise due to all of the walks we go on daily. 

Which brings me to my point. Adjusting to walking with a dog! I've gotten some advice, such as getting a leader since she is adjusting to being leashed as well. I'm enjoying having her, and once she is leashed trained I'm looking forward to running some trails with her. The shelter said she's super smart and bad ha ha. She tugs like crazy, barks at people and other dogs (though if they are willing to come near her, she stops and just wants to play with them). So lots to learn with her but I'm excited. She has decided that my son is her human and she must protect him. If he takes a shower, or goes outside with friends to play,  she pouts outside the door whimpering.

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  1. Christie, your puppy is ADORABLE!! I have known many Blue Heeler dogs, and they are super protective. They tend to choose one human in the household who is 'theirs' and their favorite person to protect, so it's awesome she's chosen your son! :)
    So fun to meet you and hear your great tips on the SweatPink spotlight last night!


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