Monday, November 18, 2013


After being on the Google Hangout with some of the other Sweat Pink moms a couple of weeks ago, it actually gave me a lot to think about. Such as, one Mom gets up at 4:30 just to fit her run/workout in because that's the only time that works for her and her family. Interesting. My first thought was, that's insane! But after some thinking, maybe it's not so crazy. Honestly, I wake up tired no matter how much sleep I get. At night, even fitting in the hour for the Hangout was hard. I was tired, hungry, and just wanted to curl up with my Kindle to read, and go to sleep.

But when I'm working out and eating right, I have a ton more energy and I know this! I just suck at putting it into practice when I get overwhelmed. The next few weeks I'm going to meal plan, and get a new planner and write in stuff I have to do. And eating right and working out in whatever form I can will be on there!

So what are my excuses? I started a full time job (~2 months ago). I'm adjusting to living with my boyfriend (again, 2 months ago). We got a dog (1 month ago).  My wrist hurts like crazy. Gyms are expensive (my company will reimburse some of the cost). Just a lot going through my mind. So I've started looking at Groupons and into gyms and places that I pass on my way to work. Excuses excuses.

These are things that go through my head daily.

The images below I need to print out and put it around my desk/apartment and remind myself to get up! 

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