Monday, June 16, 2014

Etsy health motivation

If you've ever looked at this blog you will know that I LOVE quotes. So, I went through Etsy finding good quotes that fit in with a healthy lifestyle.

I do not run. Don't get me wrong, I think runners are amazing, and I've tried to run, just doesn't always work for me. Get me on a trail though, and I'm perfectly happy, and willing, to run! However this quote is great:

Marathon sign

I'm tempted to buy these, or buy something similar from this shop. 

Awesome statement postcard. Sells for $8 for a pack of 12. Would be great to send to friends going through a plateau, or for any reason. 

Slow runners unite! $20 on etsy and if you feel slow, might get you a few giggles during the race.

Make It Happen vinyl cling is a good one. I don't know that I would put it over my bed.

Run Lift Stretch is great! It screams "hey, be well balanced with working out!" Good reminder to myself...

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