Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Radha Argan Oil

I first heard about Argan oil when I received some as a free with purchase in an order from Sephora. My skin is kind of sensitive to some moisturizers (mostly it makes my chin breakout) so I was interested in trying something more natural on my skin and let's face it, chemicals are bad for you anyway.

So I was excited when I heard about Radha Argan Oil. Plus, I mean it comes in a really pretty cobalt blue bottle. I'm a sucker for things that are blue. (My nails matched on coincidence, my blue obsession is serious business you guys).

This is what the dropper and liquid look like. It doesn't have much of a smell, and the color is a barely there yellow. It comes with a normal screw on lid, and the dropper is in the box which also screws on.

I have tried other Argan oil products and loved them, so when the opportunity to review this one came up, I had to review it. I absolutely love this stuff! Most moisturizers break my face out, but this stuff doesn't at all and my face feels, and looks, so much better. 

I've been using it twice daily for a few weeks on my face. 

When I have hair flyaways, I put a drop or two on my palm, rub my hands together and lightly put it in my hair and they go away! 

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