Monday, April 8, 2013

Nike Running App

Pictures from the Nike Running app I used earlier. It doesn't allow you to change to walk, it's all just running but that's okay. My son and I went on this walk earlier and yes it took a while because we stopped to investigate stuff; a neighbor's chickens, flowers, talking to older neighbors, confusing stares at the LARPers at the park (the people in Role Models if you've ever seen that). It was a fun, leisurely little walk.

Main page.

Of course they have a shopping tab. If you use another Nike device, it will sync it up with it.

Each run will be listed here. I've only done one while using the app so far.

The different types of runs. Select these and each will take you into an additional menu where you can choose specifics for your run.

The specifics for the distance run. After each run, a map is displayed that is color coded to your speed and shows your route. (Not sure why I left out that picture, oops). It's a good app so far. Let's see how it does against the other 4 I have to try this week! 

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