Friday, April 5, 2013

Running apps!

This coming weekend, through the next week, I am going to test out various running apps I have on my phone. Everyone seems to have a different favorite and I want to try them for myself! I am a fairly new runner but training for a few races I have signed up for as motivation. If anyone else has any recommendations on these, or others I haven't mentioned, please let me know!


Nike+Running App
I have a FuelBand, so this one I'm curious about and want to see how well it syncs up with the band.

This one is offered across many more platforms than any app I have ever seen!

This one I have used before on hikes (solely for the map feature) and I know it pretty well. They also have  training plans that will integrate the calendar with your phone to remind you. They were free but are now charging so I'm bummed about that.

Zombies, Run!
I also own this app and have for quite some time but have only used it once. I feel like it might be distracting but supposedly can be used in conjunction with other training/running, apps.

^This is how I feel like running is going to end for me...

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  1. Love love love exploring new apps! :) I always down load a bunch of free ones just to try - only a select few get the chance to stay on my phone! Thanks for the run down on these, going to download the free ones, NOW! :)


Thanks for your comments as I get this started!