Friday, August 1, 2014

Foodie Friday

My diet is usually my weakest point, but thanks to my boyfriend helping keep my butt in gear, it has gotten MUCH better. So with this post, I will give you some examples of meals I typically eat when I'm at work!

Inside my 6 Pack Bag-Camille tote! There will be another post on that. But I typically put all of my food for the day in here. The little orange container had a kale salad. Edamame below that.

My breakfasts have to be simple, as I usually eat as soon as I get to work (after getting my coffee and water). These oats are great and cook easily first thing in the morning. I keep a glass Pyrex bowl at work specifically for my oats. On the right, is Greek yogurt with strawberries, sometimes I slice up peaches instead. 

 Lunch one day. Spinach with lemon juice, topped with onions and fresh pineapples. Next to it, leftover steak with rice and black beans. 

My own trail mix. Raw almonds, smoked almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and dried cherries. I keep this in my desk at work for mid-morning/afternoon snacks. 

This is my Define Bottle that I purchased a while back. The kid that invented this was on Shark Tank a while back (apparently) and I really love this bottle. Keeps the fruit separated by the center filter piece, washes easily, and I can have non-boring water at work. 

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