Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MealEnders Review and giveaway

My habit is not gum, or smoking, it's my addiction to Lifesavers mints and Dr Pepper. I normally keep a ready stock of the mints with me everywhere. It's a bad habit to keep me from drinking soft drinks that doesn't always work.

So when Fit Approach gave some of us the opportunity to try MealEnders,  an appetite curbing lozenge, I was skeptical but definitely intrigued! I'm a snacker and if something could help me stop, then I was all for it. (Plus, it's slightly embarrassing having a 3 pound bag of Lifesavers mints around...)

The flavors for these are Citrus, Mocha, Chocolate Mint, and Cinnamon. What makes these different than the other products I've seen to curb cravings is that these are actually really satisfying! The outer layer is one of the above mentioned flavors (and even though I don't like citrus flavored things normally, this one is pretty good!) and the inside layer is more of a cooling mint flavor that makes your mouth just feel done with your meal, and diminishes the craving in almost the way toothpaste does.

Each packet contains 25 lozenges. The image below is of the cinnamon one, which I think tastes kinda like a snickerdoodle. I'm really sensitives to artificial sweeteners and was pleased to see none in these! Each piece is 15 calories, with 2 grams of sugar. I keep a handful in my purse for when I'm on the go and a Sonic milkshake is calling my name.

They have definitely helped me curbing my appetite. Instead of reaching for cookies, or stealing my son's granola bars when a chocolate craving hits, I grab one of these and it's gone. I also like these for after dinner to keep me from eating a second helping of something I really don't even want. 

Leave a comment below telling me why you'd like to try this out and one winner will get a chance to try out all 4 flavors! Or, tell me what flavor you think sounds the best. 

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