Thursday, May 9, 2013

Interesting Health/Fitness Kickstarters

I was looking around Kickstarter after someone posted a link on Twitter and found a few interesting ones, so I thought I'd share.

First is a small, almost backpack like thing to keep your ipod in, and headphones attached to for easy access.

It's called a SpyderGrip and you can look at it here. It helps keep your headphones from getting snagged. My only concern is it chafing your underarms with the straps.

Another one, and the reason I ended up on Kickstarter, was the Ring Cozy! I wear gloves sometimes, but might back it regardless because it's pretty neat!

It seems interesting! If you don't wear rings, don't lift, or wear gloves, might not interest you, but I think it's a pretty cool concept. The link to the Ring Cozy Kickstarter is here! For $10 you get one in the color of your choice, and for $28 you get three. I know I've caught my finger on things before when wearing rings so this actually interests me!

The next one I was interested in, until I saw how much they were going to cost, and how much they were doing for Kickstarter. Maybe it's worth it but I'm not sure. It's called Night Runner (link on the name) and are clips with lights you can attach to your shoes while running in the dark. Looks really neat, but unlike most Kickstarters, they are charging an additional price for shipping, and a very small discount, which with shipping, is expensive. The minimum donation to get the lights is $50 plus $8 shipping.

National Geographic sells something similar for $20. It's uglier but it would work! 

And on the go Yoga mat/rug is next. It seems good, and if goals met, will come in about 6 colors. It is called the YogoMat (Redux) and for $45 you receive a mat, sticker and personal note. It folds up for convenience, so it isn't bulky or heavy.

This one looks fun. It's called Pedal, Stretch Breathe: The Yoga of Bicycling and it's yoga with your bike! To  get a copy, it's only $10 and sounds interesting. It shows yoga positions that include your bike. May sound simple but also sounds pretty neat. She's a yoga teacher and cyclist and originally had done an e-zine, smaller edition that sold out quickly.

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