Friday, May 10, 2013

Nike Fuelband-my personal review

I started this post in July and just now getting around to updating it. Oops? I've seen a lot of people talk about bands lately, and since I've owned this one for quite a while, thought I'd review it.

Pros of the FuelBand:
Easy to see face
Easy to use interface
Compatible with iPhone
Plugs in via self-enclosed USB
Watch display
Availability with sizes!
Three colors
Can challenge friends on the Nike site
Firmware updates frequently
About a 10 day battery life
One button to view everything and to sync it via Bluetooth
Not bulky
Syncs with all Nike applications.

Inaccurate with everything, not usually by much...
Except when driving.
Gives more points when driving
I'm on number 3 in just over a year
Not compatible with any other device (solely Apple and computer)
Only available in black, clear white, and clear black
Not waterproof
Damage on the inside and not sure why (second time this has happened)

Nike's customer service is great about helping you out. My first one never worked, and it was in the first month they were available. Second one stopped syncing and a small gouge appeared around one of the screws about 6 months later. The third one, the one I am now, is starting to do the gouging thing as well and hasn't ever clasped well together (though it has never fallen off). I am not very rough on it; it doesn't get wet, and I never wear it in the shower even though Nike says you can and I know many people who do so without issue.

There is a cord for charging, but if you lose it, you can plug the clasp straight into the computer! It's a USB device built into it which is my favorite part honestly. You do have to install Nike software that will then open up the Nike site. It's also comfortable to wear, doesn't ever feel sticky like watches do, and ergonomically fits well because it's more oval than round.

Tracks Fuelpoints-Nike's combination of activity points from all areas, steps, calories and has a watch. I love it, simply because it is simple. I have no interest in tracking my sleep, using a watch as an alarm, or tracking heart rate but I know many people are interested. If so, this is not the band for you!

It will light up and tell you GOAL once you've reached your daily Fuel points goal, but I turned that off months ago. The picture above shows how it tracks your Fuel points. As you progress, the bar at the bottom adds colors, and it also gives you a numerical read out. It's great for a general idea of how you are doing, or how active you are during the day.

Fuelband Link on Nike

Now, pictures! All the pictures below are my own. Excuse the fuzzies all over the band, it was from the cleaning cloth I used! If you have any questions, please ask. I'd be more than happy to answer them.

I made this one bigger, you can see how it is starting to gouge around the screw. I've been wearing this one for about 6 months. 

How the face looks. It stays lit up for about 5 seconds. 

How the USB is self-enclosed in the device. 

Size small FuelBand next to a bottle of OPI nail polish. 

I put back in the biggest extender so you can see that you can add a full inch to the size. It's really simple to do as well. Everything is included. You can add half and inch to a full inch to every band.

All opinions are my own, and the band was purchased for me last year by my boyfriend. The pictures, except for the first one at the beginning, are my own as well.

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