Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zola Review

I honestly hadn't really tried any sort of coconut water, or Açaí juice prior to receiving this box from Zola to review for Fit Approach/Sweat Pink. The package contained a bottle of Açaí juice, Coconut water, and Coconut water with pulp and a cute pair of bright green sunglasses! The Açaí juice is missing because I had packed it to take with me on a road trip. 

I tried the Açaí juice with my boyfriend...probably a mistake. He lived in Brazil for a while, more than once, and had tried it for the first time there. In his mind, açaí should be made with milk, and this being mixed with water, startled him. He did however say it "wasn't bad but would be great mixed in with a smoothie." I had never tried açaí juice at all so it was new to me! It reminded me of blueberry ish juice without the tart. I really liked it and it was my favorite of the batch. I agree that it would be amazing in a smoothie and next time I find it, I will be making one.

The coconut juice was good. I don't know what I expected when I took the first sip. I think I expected it to taste more like raw coconut (because seriously, I can eat that like some people eat chocolate). It didn't have much of a flavor, just a slight that wasn't over-, or underwhelming. I ended up mixing half of it into a mixer and adding pineapple, strawberries, vanilla protein powder, flax, spirulina and spinach into an awesome smoothie! I definitely preferred the coconut water post workout versus my usual almond milk. 

I haven't tried the Coconut water with pulp yet since I am not a fan of pulp in my drinks, but I already have plans for making it into another smoothie. I'll post when I do!

Since I somehow lost most of the pictures I took with it (ugh seriously), I'm going to post links to other Sweat Pink ladies blog posts where they reviewed this as well! 

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