Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Box subscription review

Conscious Box
Probably the most expensive of the boxes. I loved it and paid for a 3 month subscription with a 50% off code they sent out a while back. $19.95 a month shipped is the regular price. It included a few full size products, and all of their boxes are all natural, no GMO and BPA free. They also offer Vegan and Gluten free boxes. Use code FIRSTBOXFREE to get a free box, you pay shipping $7.95. If you like it, they usually have a discount code for subscriptions.

This is what as in it. A coupon for a free product (not available in my state though), a full size toothpaste, two bottles of dream water, and lots of smaller samples to try. My kiddo immediately stole the milkshake.

Bulu Box
$10 a month, always a free box code, or half off subscription codes, floating around. This is what was in my last month's (April) Bulu Box. A pack of gum, the Cocoa Via sample pack, Omega Swirl, a Barre bar, an Eboost natural energy supplement and Neo-Chill pills.
Bad phone picture, sorry!

Kona Kase
$15 a month and you can usually find a half off one month code. For some reason I lost my picture of this box...It was a great box though! It contained a Zing bar in Chocolate coconut and a cashew one, a Picky Bar, a TRACHealth Chia + Portable drink mix, a Rickland Orchards granola bar, a Power Bar Energy Blend sample, Rosemary Cashews, a Soyjoy bar and a Journey bar. This was probably my favorite box this month; so delicious! Here's a picture from the Kona Kase Facebook page of the box, exactly the same except I had a hibiscus chia drink:

Goodies Company
This one requires an invite (you can request one on their site), but I also know a lot of people are against shopping at Wal-mart, and it is owned by them. One of the cheaper box subscriptions, and comes with quite a bit for $7 shipped. I received a few months worth, and while I have it suspended right now (since I may be moving in the next month) it's a good one. There are always at least 3 full-sized products and several small. Contents are mostly the same from person to person, though flavors are usually different. As you review things, and receive boxes, you earn points that you can redeem for free boxes. This box would be best for more than one person for sure. And if you solely eat clean in your house, it is not for you! It's basically all treats.

Image stolen from a Walmart press release but is exactly what I received in one of my boxes.
Bulu Box was the first subscription box service I ever signed up for and was what first encouraged me to try out different supplements and see what works for me. I also have to remember, with each of these boxes, that I won't always like everything in them each month.  Kona Kase is a good mix of health minded and workout related. Goodies is just fun! Conscious is a bit expensive but if you are looking for more ways to be organic/non-GMO and such, it's perfect! I love finding out about new products, and I love getting crazy stuff in the mail so if I could, I would definitely keep getting all of them. Though I really want to try a few other boxes I keep hearing about as well.

Disclaimer: I paid for all of these, and all opinions are my own. The last two pictures are from the company websites, while the first two I took. 


  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many "box" options! I haven't tried them. It would be nice to experiment w/ so many products, and a surprise is always fun!

  2. I know! And there are A TON more of them. This was just a small snippet. I love trying new products so it's a fun way to do so.


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