Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vitacost Aro Black Series-initial review

When the giant box from UPS arrived a few weeks ago, I was super excited. Except for the part where I had a rolled ankle that still hadn't quite healed up. :( So I had to let the fun stuff sit there for a while. And that bummed me out. You get new stuff, you wanna play!

Thanks to this lovely lady, I got a chance to try out Vitacosts's new line of supplements! Included was Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein Complex, Natural Chocolate Casein, Pink Lemonade Pre-Workout, Natural Fruit Punch Glutamine, Natural Lemon Lime BCAA's, and Natural Blue Razz Creatine Monohydrate. Loads of fun stuff! The black and silver containers look pretty awesome too and nothing is over $25 in this stack!

This week, thanks to this Vitacost stack, I am starting a new workout routine and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't really gotten a chance to lift in almost a month, so this gave me more motivation to do so. I'll update  on how each tastes and at the end of the cycle, whenever I'm done with any one product, I will post a final review of how these products worked for me overall.

Tonight I did a workout at home. Thankfully I have a barbell so I loaded it and did a small leg workout. I haven't worked out in a month so baby steps.

Barbell squats 3x10
Glute Barbell Bridge 3x10
Lunges 3x10
Sumo Squat 3x12
Rear Leg Raise 3x10
Front Leg Raise 3x10
Calf Raises 3x15
Glute Kickback 3x12

I mixed a scoop of the BCAA's and drank half of it before my workout, and sipped the rest of it throughout. I also took half a serving of Creatine beforehand. Post workout, I mixed a scoop of the Casein into a blender bottle with water.

BCAA-tasted like Country Time lemonade. Seriously, I actually didn't mind it and compared to other BCAA's I've tried, it mixed really well and no gagging while drinking it. (Note to others, never take unflavored BCAA's, *shudders). Was bright yellow in the cup.

The Creatine was Blue Raspberry flavored and since I diluted it more than I was supposed to, it tasted like grapes to me. I liked it and it didn't really have a color.

The Casein was my favorite flavor wise. It tasted like chocolate cake mix. I used a blender bottle for mixing, and while it was still kind of chunky, it's expected for Casein since it's harder to dissolve. The texture was thicker than normal but serving size is also slightly larger than other Casein proteins I have tried.

Glutamine was a bright rose pink color! I don't know why that intrigued me. The flavor was Fruit Punch and that was EXACTLY what it tasted like. Delicious. It reminded me of candy. Glutamine is supposed to be used post-workout to aid in recovery and is an Amino Acid. From the sites I've looked at, most recommend taking it before and after your workout, and before bed. Since I took BCAA's before/during/after, my workout tonight, I am taking it before bed.

I loved them so far. I didn't feel ick after taking any of the supplements, and that was great for me. I'll be trying the Whey protein and Pre-workout later this week.

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