Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Muddy Race Recap

Saturday, June 1st was the Dallas Pretty Muddy Women's Run! It was the first time this race had been done in Dallas and it was exciting all around. For this event, Pretty Muddy partnered with Susan G. Komen as their charitable partner, and Old Navy came along as a sponsor and offered a ton of goodies for participants. Breast cancer survivors (250) were offered free entry into the race, and Old Navy gave away free stuff for every participant. A tote bag, a shirt and pair of flip flops.

As a blogger Ambassador for the race, I was given a free entry into the race. Normally it costs $69.50 which seemed like a lot to me. After looking up other 5k's and mud runs, it really wasn't that much more. Plus Pretty Muddy sent out several codes for $10 off or $15 off depending on when you registered or how many people were registering together. For example, Run or Dye is $50, The Original Mud Run is also $50.

When we first arrived, we drove up to Skyline Ranch, saw guys on horses everywhere (I Love Texas!), and paid our parking fee. Were forced to back up park, which I made my boyfriend do because the girl before me did a horrible job and I did NOT want to be laughed at). We saw huge purple tents with Pretty Muddy all over the place on our walk up. Lots of loud, crazy music, and people covered in mud at the finish line. We stopped at registration which took 5 seconds. Handed in our waivers, got our race bibs, and our tee shirt! Part of the race bib had a tear off Pretty Muddy logo that was our free beer ticket.

Back of shirt

Shirts are cute, and pretty comfy. Thankfully my boyfriend was there to be tortured holding stuff for me.

And in the main area: Dancing!!! All of these ladies were in front of the stage, following an instructor and dancing like crazy. 

It was super cloudy at this point but look at them! I'm so uncoordinated.

Next, I had to find the stage. Our Pretty Muddy contact person sent out an email about an Old Navy activewear fashion show. I responded immediately! Mostly for the free outfit they would be providing us. Yes, I love free stuff! As the day got closer, and closer, I started freaking out about the fact that I had to go on a stage and try not to fall. I didn't fall and I had fun and met some wonderful ladies! I also received an awesome tank, a sports bra, and a pair of amazing compression pants! Seriously, I had never really messed with compression pants, but these were amazing. I ended up wearing them for my run and even when coated with mud, didn't sag or feel weighted down. The bra...well, it wasn't made for anyone very well-endowed let's put it that way.

Missing Allison of Running True who was on stage first!

My outfit. In love with the shirt and pants.
None of us fell. We all survived and basically stood there ogling each other's outfit. Most of the other ladies were super friendly and I made a couple of new friends in the area.

Pre Race with my friend Liz

One of the obstacles, and my favorite one! Taken from Pretty Muddy Facebook page.

Post Race. Yes I'm a dork.

It was a lot of fun and all of the other ladies were super supportive. Loved the clothes I received as well as the free stuff pictured below that every participant received! Different items for different sizes.

It was windy and the changing stations blew around a bit, but not horrible. It was all ladies so most of us didn't care. 

Would I do this race again? Yes, but I'd want to put together a bigger group as that seemed to be the most fun. I ended up running/participating with two ladies I met there plus my friend. My only concern was price, but if you register early, it's much cheaper like any race. 


  1. Wow you did get muddy! Glad you had fun!

  2. Hey there! I saw your link on the SPA fb page. I'm registered for the Pretty Muddy in Atlanta later this year and cannot wait! I hope we have a ton of mud like you guys did. Great recap!


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