Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thoughts and things

Bulleting this and I promise regular posting will resume soon! I am out of town on job interviews while my son enjoys quality time with his grandmother.

  • From July 17 until the 22nd I was in Kentucky with my son and boyfriend, visiting my boyfriend's family.
  • Went to Mammoth Cave (Over 800 stairs and 4 miles of cave!)*
  • Abraham Lincoln birthplace
  • Muhammed Ali Museum*
  • Louisville Slugger Museum*
  • Maker's Mark distillery*
  • Had two interviews last week in Austin. I live north of Dallas so instead of putting another 600 miles on my car, I elected to stay an extra week.
  • Testing for another job next week with the county.
  • This season (the last season!) of Dexter is very different but soooo good. I'm very far behind on True Blood however. 
  • I miss the gym! I might have to look for some free passes to local gyms to get my fix. Might as well try them out before I possibly move here! 
  • I do have a giveaway coming up since I hit 200 fans on my Facebook page! I'm going to link it up with a review for Vitacost Aro Black Series I think. Gift card and fun stuff included! 
Hope everyone is doing well! Summer seems to make everything crazier. 

*denotes that these will be covered in an upcoming post!

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