Sunday, January 27, 2013

App reviews

Over the next few months, I'm going to do some app reviews, specifically for iPhone but I believe most of them will also be available on the Droid platform. The apps I plan on reviewing, and utilizing, will be among my favorites (and I'll throw in some not so favorites) that I currently use or have used in the past. I like to alternate my workouts, so often, I will delete apps off of my phone until I'm ready to use them again. Here are the apps I know of so far:

  • My Fitness Pal
  • Nike Training Club
  • Gym Boss
  • Map My Run
  • Runtastic
  • Map My Training
  • Nike Fuelband
  • Fitocracy
  • StrongLifts 5x5
  • Zombies Run
  • Fooducate
  • Lose it!
  • C25K
A couple of these I will be using for a month, or until certain completion dates, such as C25K. I'm not a runner, and trying to get back into it and thought, so many people have had success with these apps, why not try it!

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