Monday, January 14, 2013

At home workouts

Back on Pointe

The girl that runs this tumblr is great! She's a dancer and in college, but she dabbles in various areas of fitness and is super supportive, and sweet. The link above links to various monthly challenges, and workouts she has that are in the challenges. I think of them as general guidelines on weeks I don't have the motivation (or haven't made my own similar calendar) and do my own workout.

An at home, workout movement, it has gotten a little too sexual for me to watch with my kid around (I get distracted by her skimpy outfits and wonder what kind of bra she's wearing for her chest not to bounce!) but the workouts themselves are great if you want a quick, HIIT/Tabata, style workout. Some of them do require expensive equipment such as UGI balls and Equalizer's, and sand bags, but I have found it fairly simple to modify most of them.

The original BodyRock girl! Zuzanna was booted or left, who knows, and formed her own channel and website with a production company. I enjoy her workouts because she does the full workout with you, utilizes things that are generally readily available at your home, and uses free weights.

The host is an upbeat, crazy perky Asian girl who focuses on Pilates in a fun, pop music oriented way. She also occasionally does stretching videos and HIIT workouts, the latter being my favorite. I prefer weights lately, but her workouts are definitely fun and a few will leave you very sore the next day, primarily her ab and butt workouts!

Tara Stiles
True Yogi's will take issue with her, but if you want quick stretches via yoga moves, without meditation or chanting, she's the girl. I have done one of her longer videos and loved it but the mini ones are fine for stretching.

Rebecca dabbles in a bit of everything, meditation, yoga, HIIT, and an assortment of other things, while discussing her plant based, and farm based life. Her HIIT workouts are my favorite; even my boyfriend enjoys them!

There are obviously tons more to be found on the internet, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I have used in the past and would recommend.

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