Tuesday, January 8, 2013

GNC vitamins-review

Women's Mega Ultra plus energy.
I purchased these at Sam's Club in a two pack (was $10 cheaper this way than at GNC). I have some trouble with vitamins, they tend to make my stomach hurt or a headache. I am sensitive to artificial sweeteners, so this is the cause of the headaches. I thought I'd do a review of these since I know women are always on the hunt for great multivitamins and these were good. If you are sensitive to caffeine, these would not be ideal for you as they do provide an energy boost.
Pros: Easy to swallow, simple, 2 a day, energy boost with caffeine and natural energy supplements, my skin cleared up and nails/hair, grew faster, didn't leave a weird taste/residue
Cons: Dyed bright yellow, weird chicken broth type taste to the tablets, slight headache (again, probably due to sucralose), if you're sensitive to caffeine or take it with caffeine, you might get slightly jittery
Overall, I like them and will continue to take them until I run out which is one more bottle.

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