Monday, January 7, 2013

My 30th birthday!

Today I am 30. It hasn't completely sunk in for me yet, but it's getting there and I'm a flurry of mixed emotions. On one hand, I am a mother to an awesome 10 year old little guy. He has his crazy moments, but on the whole, he is a very sweet, good natured, child. I have a degree and am applying to graduate programs to start in the fall or next spring. I am in a happy, healthy, loving relationship for the first time in a few years to someone who has been my best friend for 10 years. And I have an insanely supportive family who has been there for me while I've been through so much the last few years.

And most importantly to this blog, I have gotten my health/fitness more in control. I have lost 20 pounds in a year with some setbacks due to being sick. I have discovered activities that work for me and that I love, even though I alternate it on a monthly basis because I love to be engaged, love to keep things different, and keep myself, as well as my body, guessing. One month I am solely focused on lifting, another Pilates as well as accessory work with lifting, yoga, hiking, HIIT. Whatever randomness pops up.

My boyfriend and I on a hiking trip to Pedernales Falls State Park. We were lying down on a limestone rock hence the awkward picture! And below is one of the areas of the park. It was relaxing being in the middle of nowhere, where our cell phones didn't even have reception!

And my munchkin tried sledding for the first time over the break and was in love!

I am really excited to see what this year, and the future hold and I have new goals which I will make a post about later.

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