Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Efforts and recipe requests

The last week or so my efforts have not been the greatest. With my son's birthday, and Halloween, lots of school events for him and my boyfriend being in town for two weeks (LDR's are difficult), I was preoccupied. I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble focusing until I let myself rest for a bit and realized I have the beginnings of a sinus infection/cold. This has made things difficult, but I am determined! Tomorrow, Wednesday, I am heading to the gym for an upper body workout and some cardio. I will also be working on meal planning, looking into new recipes and grocery shopping. If anyone has any clean eating recipe recommendations, please pass them along! I'll start making recipe posts this week or next as well with some of my favorites.


  1. feel better soon!!! colds and sinuses stink!! happy wednesday and spa love!!

  2. Sometimes rest is what we need to get our motivation back on track. Glad that it worked for you (but if you have an infection you really need that rest).


Thanks for your comments as I get this started!