Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lower body love

Lower body is my absolute favorite thing to work out in the gym, or even at home. Legs and glutes respond really well to weights and body weight exercises, making them easier to do anywhere. When I played sports in high school, my favorite exercises to do in the gym were definitely lower body. I liked knowing I could move that much weight around easily. I wasn't a very big person, at 5'3, 117 pounds, I was the next to smallest on my team. I could leg press double my weight at least. Deadlifts! Straight legged deadlifts target the glutes more than regular deadlifts, and are fantastic IF you watch your form. Main muscles targeted are the hamstrings.
Squats are one of the best compound exercises. And it works your entire lower body. Weighted or unweighted, still amazing for you. And you can change your leg position to target different muscles. If you stand in a plie stance, you will feel a great burn in your inner thighs.
I HATE lunges, so I usually do step-ups instead. Leg press

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